Health Benefits

The main benefit of using a vapouriser is of course to help protect your lungs from harmful carcinogenic smoke. Plus you will use less herb for the same *feeling* and never waste anymore left over "black sludge" as it also works great in the vapouriser which ends up saving you lots of money.

How does the Vapouriser work?

The vapouriser works by heating substances to a certain temperature that releases the *active* chemicals in many herbs including, tobacco, and many other herbs. These will actually vapourise into a "thin mist" which can then easily be inhaled via a breathing tube.

With your vapouriser you get NO Smoke because nothing actually burns , you get vapour . Plus with the Vapirs you get value fore money due to their inherent design efficiencies. This means you will actually use less herbs for the same effect.

  • Voltage - Vapir Vapourisers will be delivered with the right Voltage & plugs depending on your country. USA 110 Volt, UK/Europe 220 Volt.

  • 95 % Pure Active Chemicals. Get pure effects without burning your herb.

  • Tube - 85cm long plastic tube with quality stainless steel mouthpiece for inhaling the vapour while relaxing back from the device.

  • Quality - Our vapourisers are the ONLY ones on the market with a structure made from solid components. Hand made glass , heat proof polymers and CE Marked Stainless steel heating elements. Unlike our competitors you will NOT get melted, warped plastic or burnt out elements.

  • 100% Simple to Use - Easiest on the market to use, no hard cleaning, robust and just so very functional with only 2 or 3 parts.

  • Reduce Smoke & Carcinogen in your life. Save your lungs!

  • Odorless - Perfect for discreet use in small, shared rooms or unventilated areas.

  • MASSIVE 4 Foot - Super long power cord so you can plug it anywhere.

  • Save money with the inherent design efficiencies. Better value for money compared to smoking alone.

  • Solid - Our vapourisers aren't fragile and difficult. We pride ourselves on offering a well constructed product using only the best components. Our vapourisers are  handmade and as solid as a rock with top of the line expensive parts.

  • Heat Dish - CE Marked solid stainless steel wound elements with auto-cutoff. These are the best on the market and yes they cost a fair bit! But, they are bullet proof.

  • Works great with all herbs, oils, tobacco and oil mixtures.

  • NOTE: Our vapourisers are the ONLY ones on the market that have parts which will never warp, melt or get too hot. We have spent a great deal of time and money to make sure our vapourisers are perfect and solid. There is a reason our vapourisers weigh nearly 2lb - quality parts.

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (Purchase today totally risk free)


Nice things people have said about our vapourisers...

I just wanted to say how pleasant it was doing business with you.  When I realized there was a piece missing on my vapouriser and e-mailed you, I was totally prepared for the 'run around' and I figured it would be difficult and time consuming to get this problem straightened out.  I was so surprised at your immediate response letting me know the part would be shipped immediately and even who to contact if the part didn't arrive soon.  I wish all companies were like yours, honest, efficient and fair."  Mary Hodges (London, UK)

"For the last ten years, I have been searching for a product that can provide a satisfying, yet healthy, method of delivery.  This vapouriser has exceeded my expectations.  Finally, there is a way to get the feeling you are looking for without the negative consequences.  This product is a must have for any heavy smoker - why damage your health when you don't have to.  You will immediately notice the difference between this and smoking. . .with the vapouriser I feel very clear-headed feeling, yet very very good:)  Peter Selgrove (New York, USA)

"Hey fender,  I can only say good things about the PureTHC vapouriser my brother has. It's even portable, we took it camping over Memorial Day weekend and put it to good use. Works just perfect for us." Take care, DG (California, USA)

"Just had to drop a line to say that I got my vapouriser this morning and am still feeling it 5 hours later!"  Karl (Anon.) (Germany)

"I was hesitant to spend even the special-deal price you had until 8/31 but I read through a few of your pages, and once I saw the 30 day return policy, I took the chance.  I got it about 10 days later, and went back to your site (great domain-title, btw) and immediately read the instructions for use. I tried it out after letting it heat for a while, and clearing the smoke from the factory-oil and while the first hit was a little salty/bitter, I was probably tasting a little of the afore-mentioned oil.  After the third hit, it immediately took effect, and lasted almost 5 hours (!), 1.5x my normal. I used method #2 because the herb I have at the moment isn't the best (no such thing as bad if it's real though). I'm getting some nice 'KB'- it's pricey and normally goes up in smoke quickly :) but I know your product will pay for itself to make up for the cost of the herb.  Your product is like a work of art- I just sit it on my table and no one even looks twice at it :) It almost looks like one of those science-museum lightning-domes, but I especially like the way it reminds me of an MC Escher glass-ball type work. Keep up the good work, I'll send referrals just as quickly as I can!" Peter Lavis (London, UK)

" has succeeded in fashioning a beautiful machine that looks great
on the coffee table. It also eliminates much of the aroma for more discrete THC enjoyment. I am happy to relate my experiences and answer any questions via email at."

"This vapouriser exceeds my expectations." Paul Reden (London, UK)

"This vapouriser is the most efficient way to take herbals. It saves me money, and it doesn't hurt my lungs as much as smoking did. I've had other vapourisers, the seals on them tend to be cheap rubber. The seal on this vapouriser is air tight. Wonderful! the vapouriser is also very durable. I was always afraid that I would hurt my other vapourisers. Yours is solid as a rock and the portability is ingenious. I have used this perfect machine in the car with ease. it's also neat to look at. thank you so much". Emma Bailey, (Miami, USA)

This is a wonderful vapouriser! The heating device is large enough to provide for two people, unlike some other vapouriser models, which require more frequent loading. We have found that using a coffee grinder for the smoking material is the most effective way to maximize surface area, but simply using scissors is also a  workable method with this model. It is extremely easy to clean the glass bulb, and the entire unit is so aesthetically pleasing that even friends of mine who should know better have asked me if it is a lamp!!!!! When I had difficulty with the electronic components,  I received a quick response to my email and the needed replacement part. Thank you!! :o) Kirsty Selway, (Washington USA)

"This vapouriser really works and gives a buzz that is noticeably different than smoking. It also requires less herb than smoking devices, so if you use it consistently, it will pay for itself. The vapor usually tastes softly of the herb and it is significantly easier on the throat and lungs ("less harsh") than smoke is. One final, big benefit: we've found that just one "vapor load" is enough to cure most headaches, and that includes migraine headaches! Without exaggeration, we've found that most headaches simply disappear within 5 minutes after use. Smokers really should really consider this vapouriser instead of water pipes. We've also received excellent and prompt customer service from these folks." John Halter and Emma Halter (San Francisco, California, USA)

"Having used the vapouriser almost exclusively lately, I really think it brings out the best in your stash. A different but better buzz. Its easy to use, well made and seems to make a joints worth of bud go farther. Plus I don't seem to hack as much. I will buy another for my mate for Christmas" James Brown (South Carolina, USA)

"Thanks for designing a superior product!" Sally Bond (New York, USA)

"This is a product who's time has come, its all about less smoking in the new millennium I guess". Chad Neil (Brooklyn, New York, USA)

"I am not a cigarette smoker and I have always been bothered by having to "smoke" my herb. I wasn't too excited about bongs either. After a serious case of bronchitis (and later pneumonia) I gave up all together thinking there was no way to enjoy the herb and have healthy lungs at the same time. I did some research, came across your website and after reading testimonials from others who had lung problems decided that it was worth a try. It worked really well, another satisfied customer!"

"...after trying vapourises every decade since the '60's, yours is the only one I actually told a friend to buy... not only does it actually work. It's too good!"  John (Anon.) (Washington, USA)

" it yesterday and it works superbly. I also told a friend to get one." Jack Wong (Birmingham, UK.)

'I am a registered respiratory therapist, and i can attest to the scientific fact that using the vapouriser is much healthier than any kind of smoking, as any particulate matters, including toxins and dangerous trace metals, are completely avoided with this device, limiting the detrimental effect on the lungs. I use one in treating my glaucoma, and have never found a more pleasant alternative to the irritation and coughing associated with inhaling raw smoke!" Barrett (USA)

"I think that your products look good and are very sturdy. I am going to tell all my friends and family about your web site!!! :) " Benjamin (Sydney)

"I think that these are the best because they concentrate your stuff so that it works quicker" Richard (France)

"Also everything they sell is what they say it is! What professionals, don't buy from anywhere else!" Cate (South Africa)

"So i finally stumbled upon the next step. saves me a lot of money on buying and growing since they are so efficient. I'm a vegetarian and a yoga student who's always looking for better and healthier ways of doing things. i wish i could give a vapouriser to all my friends, i would be so happy if i could introduce everyone to this fabulous product." peter badaj (New York, USA)

"I heard that this vapouriser is one of the best in the world. Then I bought one and had to write this message... my good friends were right. Again.. hehe." Hans
(Utrecht, The Netherlands)



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